Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Two Former Shepherd's Chapel Students Expose the Cult!

Here is the broadcast Timothy Campbell (from shepherdschapel.wordpress.com) and I did on 11/2/2015 where we talk about Shepherd's Chapel.

I briefly discuss my testimony then we go into exposing some of the false teachings of Arnold Murray. Very good discussion and I truly recommend sharing with anybody caught up in this cult or who would like to know more about what Shepherd's Chapel teaches.


  1. So you don't think that we were here before. You think that God, the creator of the entire universe and everything that's in it. With all the knowledge to be able to do that and also have the ability to know the future would put us on a planet that has earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, extreme heat and extreme cold. Wars, famines, cancer that painfully kills three year old boys and girls not to mention all the other diseases and plagues that have plagued this planet. Death by starvation, murders, adulterers, and everything else that happens to us. God, our creator that created us for His pleasure and out of love. Is this the God that you are referring to? Does that sound like a God to you or somebody that just didn't think it through all the way. The destruction mentioned in the KJV bible of Jer.4:18 and the following verses that talk of total destruction. When did that happen? Any recording of that anywhere else? Why didn't God say in Genesis- be fruitful. multiply and plenish the earth instead of replenish the earth? Plenish means to fill and stock. Just as you would plenish a glass of water and when it becomes empty you would then have to replenish it. Maybe if you read the KJV bible instead of the ESV bible you could understand things better. Hell, you might as well read the NIV with the things you are saying. When you look at a globe or a world map can you not see how the countries look like they were together at one point? Since you say you studied at Shepherd's Chapel then you should know of Ash Falls Nebraska. How did those animals get here from Africa? When you read in Genesis and God is talking to Adam and Eve He says to them. You can partake of all the trees in the garden except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If Satan is the tree of knowledge of good and evil and Christ is the tree of life then who are all the other trees that God is talking about? I think what happened to you is that you got pulled away from true teachings and into false teachings. Does the story of Samson and Delilah ring a bell? If you wish to believe that God intentionally made those three year olds die of cancer or even say if that's what happens then that's what happens then I do feel sorry for you. I'm sorry that Delilah tricked you into believing that this is what God intended all along. Now please tell me what I have said is wrong. Get me to believe that this is our first go around and that God thought it would be okay for all this crap that happens to us. If that's truly the case then I want no part in the eternity.

    1. Hello David V! Thank you so much for your comment! First off you must realize that all the evil and horrible things you talked about in the first part of your comment all have to do with living in a fallen sinful world post Genesis 3 and the fall of man. Not because of something that happened in the first earth age. God can and does use evil acts of men to bring about glorious things. Please read Acts 4:27-29 and Genesis 50:20 to see how God uses evil acts to bring about good.

      In Jeremiah chapter 4 Jeremiah portrays the coming judgment of Judah as a reversal of the creation process. The earth is once again without form and void (Gen. 1:2), the heavens have no light (Gen. 1:3), the mountains and hills quake (Gen. 1:9–11), and mankind (Gen. 1:26–31) and birds (Gen. 1:20–23) disappear. This is poetic language that describes the coming judgment of Judah.. not some pre-earth creation. Simple contextual reading of the chapter proves that.

      In Genesis chapter 1 where in the KJV "replenish" is used it is actually not used that way in the Hebrew. the Hebrew word simply means to "Fill the earth" not "refill" it. Please check your concordance and Hebrew dictionary and you will see that very plainly.

      God knows every event that will happen before one molecule of the universe was created. He has a purpose in all events. It wasn't a mistake and God didn't have to "learn" from what was going on. He knew man would fall and he knows when all these evil things are going to happen. He is Sovereign and has a plan to glorify himself through all events in time.

      Your last statement, to me, really shows your lack of understanding of God's Sovereignty and how he works all thing for the Good (Romans 8:28).

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  3. Wow colby, amen !ive been reading all of your blogs. It feels sooo good to finally find someone who feels and says exactly what ive been saying !
    I recently had to stop speaking to a friend whom i love very much. We were introduced to shepherds chapel about 3 months ago. And i totally disagreed with the false doctrines. First earth age, serpent seed etc. I tried my best to believe the serpent seed doctrine , i actually persuaded myself to believe it for about 2 months. But one day i just flipped out on arnold murray and his false doctrines. I was in so much confusion when i was trying to believe him. Once she told me "If you dont understand the first earth age, you will never understand the bible" and "jesus was only pleased with 2 churches. And those churches, have the key of david, the key of david is knowledge of the serpent seed and kenites", i knew she had been deceived. It hurt me so much because she believes that im being deceived, when all im doing is putting 100% faith in jesus christ that he will be pleased with me if i remain faithful to him, abstain from sin, stay in his word, be fruitful etc. Its like they add these doctrine to the grace of jesus christ through faith, and they think thats how we will be saved or please God. But no. Salvation is through grace alone which comes from faith in jesus that he died and rose again, and will come back to gather his saints and judge the world. I am so hurt inside that i lost a friend. Her other christian friends believe in the shephards chapel as well. They called me an "evil spirit that isnt obeying Gids word and js twisting his word". I told her that the holy spirit was using me to help her get back on the path of truth. She told me i was blaspheming the holy spirit. She literally made me feel like i wanted to die. Because blasphemy of the holy spirit is the unforgiveable sin. She literally made me feel like i was less than dust. Worthless, with no purpose here anymore, unless i believe in the teachings of the shephards chapel. Like she had the truth, and by me trying to help her in the name of the holy spirit (the spirit of truth), i was wrong. She told me i was totally wrong in the way i think. When i told her that anyone who rejects christ is a child of the devil. And anyone who truly believes and accepts christ, is a child of God. It has nothing to do with genetics. She told me that i dont have eyes to see and ears to hear. She told me that if i dont understand arnold murrays words, that i should find a teacher that i understand. I told her jesus christ and the apostles are my teacher ! I never once insulted her personally, all i did was tell her the truth. I notice that with the shepherds chapel students, if you try to tell them the truth and come in peace, they get very offensive and insult and say that we are judging them. What they dont see is that they put themselves above the children of God who abide in Gods word and no mans. God bless you colby and i thank God that you got out of that cult. After much much much prayer and about 4 days of straight crying to God praying that he doesnt leave me, he showed me that he had been guiding me all along, and that he was very pleased with me. that i had not become deceived. He showed me that i do have the holy spirit, and that i had not blasphemed it, but did exactly what it told me to do, rebuke false doctrine with kindess, spread the gospel of jesus christ, and to not be lead astray! To Keep all of my faith, glory , hapiness, assurrance, and trust, in HIM! Not the false doctrine of MAN! Thanks again for your articles, they have really helped me remain strong.