Thursday, January 26, 2012

A sad state.

Debating those that are so indoctrinated with falsehoods can be tedious. Just check out this video I posted. I provided a challenge to those that are caught up in Shepherd's Chapel cult to prove their doctrines. The essence of my challenge was for them to prove that the elect were chosen because of something they did in the first earth age. These elect were justified in this first earth age. There is no Scripture to back that claim up. If one reads Romans chapter 8 and 9 and Ephesians 1 and 2 one will see that the elect are all believing Christians and that no work we have ever done or will do is what made us elect. Our justification, as Christians, being based on performance or work is completely against what the Bible teaches (Romans 9:16, Ephesians 2:8-10, 2nd Timothy 1:9). For the Christian view of Justification see here, here and here.

I was a former student of this cult for many years, see this post. Those posting on my YouTube video don't believe me and say I'm from CARM. I respect CARM but I'm not from them nor have any affiliation with them. I think CARM is doing a wonderful job exposing cults, not only Shepherd's chapel but also Mormon, Jehovah Witness, and Roman Catholics.

Shepherd's Chapel is a very dangerous cult. They believe that a person is "elect" because they stood with God in the first earth age against Satan. That is Un-Biblical! To say that you were elected and justified by actions you committed (in this age or any other) is heresy and works based salvation.. That is not the Gospel.. and false gospels won't save you.

You will not see much of the Love of Christ trying to speak to these people. They usually get angry and result to personal attacks when they cannot document their false doctrines.

I thank God that he opened my eyes to the Truth and brought me out of the Shepherd's Chapel cult.

Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. According to a Sheppard’s Chapel broadcast as an African American, I could never be an "elect". This means that we either never existed in the first earth age or all blacks followed Satan. Apparently, I took the side of Satan in the first earth age because I am black and God would not put a righteous soul in my black body. This is racism, not to mention that on this particular broadcast, no hope was even offered for African Americans. Essentially, he is telling us that there is no need to seek salvation. I wonder if the paradox created by the election of a black president presents a dilemma for them.

  2. MajorT:

    I don't recall anything in that ministry that espoused a view that excluded any race from being a part of the Elect. Perhaps you are conflating that with Gentile versus Israel? In that case, don't worry about being a gentile, most of the people that ever lived and will live, are gentiles, including most of the white people.

    As far as the election of a black president...setting aside its significance, the vast majority of people that didn't like him as a president, wouldn't have liked him regardless of his ethnicity. It had to do with his ideology and his actions to promote that ideology. He was also the first openly asshole of a we have a second one. Hopefully this isn't a trend but it probably is.

  3. This was the first post that came up on my google search by the way. I got here today because I wanted to find the blog of the guy on the radio (1290 AM) that was the host. Based on your (Mr. Braden) "My Story" post and the other person's story on the radio, it is probably you...since it was almost word for word.

    Anyhoo, I might read and respond to more of your posts if I have time. I just felt it was important to spend a little time to address MajorT's concerns.

    As an addendum to my response to MajorT, since I could be wrong as my memory isn't the best...EVEN IF, the Elect somehow excluded people due to them being gentile, again, the vast majority of people...that doesn't remove hope and salvation from them.